Large Paver Patio Darien, IL

A Large Paver Patio & Outdoor Living Space In Darien, IL

A 2000 Square Foot Patio In Darien, IL

This project is located in Darien, IL. When this client first contacted us, they expressed their desire to transform their outdoor space into a modern, clean, and more spacious area.

They mentioned their love for hosting gatherings and entertaining guests. The existing patio that came with their house was not up to par; water would not drain properly, resulting in pooling, the fire pit was non-functional, and the pavers and steps posed tripping hazards.

Additionally, the area felt too small for their needs. As with all our projects, we began by creating a list of their needs and wants. After discussing their budget, our design team got to work. We presented the client with three different landscape design concepts.

After some minor adjustments and tweaks, we finally achieved the outdoor living space they had envisioned. The patio is nearly 2000 square feet and features two levels. On the first level, we added a large bar table using Techo-Bloc Graphix Wall in Onyx Black with a leather finish granite countertop.

The flooring consists of Techo-Bloc Blu Grande large-format pavers in Shale Grey, complemented by Techo-Bloc Victorien pavers in Onyx Black for the border. On the second level, we constructed a double seat wall with a unique L-shaped fire pit. This custom fire pit creates the illusion of floating at night, thanks to the linear lighting.

We used Techo-Bloc Graphix Wall in Onyx Black for the wall and fire pit, and matched the bar countertop material with a leather finish granite countertop. For added uniqueness in the second-level flooring, we opted for Techo-Bloc Hexa pavers, creating a different look.

We chose a three-color combination of Onyx Black, Shale Grey, and Greyed Nickel for the color of the Hexa pavers. For lighting, we opted for In-Lite linear lighting for the bottom of the fire pit and In-Lite hardscape undercap lights for the rest. Remarkably, this project was completed in just three weeks from start to finish.

The clients were extremely satisfied with our work and have since referred us to their friends and family, many of whom have also entrusted us with creating their outdoor living spaces

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Darien, Illinois

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